Junkluggers Coupon Codes 2024: Get the Best Discounts on Junk Removal Services

Cleaning out cluttered garages, basements, attics and entire households for a move can be an overwhelming task. That’s where Junkluggers shines – their friendly teams provide fast full service junk removal across the U.S. and Canada.

Since 2005, Junkluggers has helped over 250,000 residential and commercial customers declutter their spaces. They remove any unwanted items conveniently and responsibly, from single couches or appliances to multi-level house cleanouts.

But Junkluggers services aren’t cheap. Hiring professional junk hauling can get expensive.

That’s why using Junkluggers coupon codes can help you save money and get affordable junk pickup services.

This guide will explain:

  • What Junkluggers is and how their pricing works
  • Benefits of using Junkluggers coupons
  • How to find valid Junkluggers promo codes for 2024
  • Tips for maximizing savings on your junk hauling

Plus we’ll share an up-to-date list of all the best Junkluggers coupon codes for 2024 so you can conveniently access any available discounts.

Let’s dive in and start saving on your next home or office junk removal service!

What is Junkluggers?

For those unfamiliar, Junkluggers is a full service junk removal company operating in over 33 states and Canada. Their friendly, uniformed employees arrive with trucks and haul away any type of unwanted junk or debris you need removed from your residential or commercial property.

Junkluggers handles all the work – they pack items, load their truck, transport for disposal, and do full cleanup. You simply point out what requires disposal and relax!

They remove just about anything including:

Junkluggers teams undergo background checks and the company is fully licensed and insured for your safety. They strive to dispose of and recycle items responsibly too.

Once your junk is loaded, it is sorted at their facility for recycling, donation, or disposal. Junkluggers recycles over 60% of the items they remove.

How Junkluggers Pricing Works

Junkluggers offers competitive pricing in their service area. Rates vary slightly by location but follow the same basic structure.

There are two main cost components:

1. Hauling Minimum

This base fee starts around $99-$129 depending on your city. This minimum charge covers coming to your location, one hour of work time, and about 15-25 cubic yards hauled away in their truck.

2. Cubic Yardage Rate

If you exceed the minimum 15-25 yards included, an additional per-yard rate applies. This runs approximately $30-$50 per extra cubic yard removed.

So for example if the minimum is $129 for 15 yards included, and the overage rate is $40/yd, here is sample pricing:

  • 15 yards or less: $129
  • 20 yards: $129 + $80 overage = $209
  • 30 yards: $129 + $200 overage = $329

And so on. The per-yard rate gives you flexibility to handle big or small cleanouts without overpaying.

Additional Fees

Stairs, long carry distances, piano removals, and hazardous junk may incur additional small surcharges as well. But in general, the hauling minimum and cubic yardage covers most cleanouts.

Benefits of Using Junkluggers Coupon Codes

Junkluggers rates are competitive but still represent a significant cost, especially for whole house cleanouts or commercial spaces.

This is where Junkluggers coupons and promo codes come in very handy!

Discount codes allow you to:

  • Save money – promos provide immediate discounts off your junk hauling costs.
  • Remove more junk – discounts let you clear out more junk volume within a set budget.
  • Avoid hidden fees – coupons help offset any surprise overage/extra charges.
  • Take advantage of sales – codes stack on top of existing discounted pricing for even more savings.
  • Enjoy perks – special promos provide extra incentives like free boxes or extended pickup hours.
  • Reward referrals – referral and loyalty codes offer savings for customers who recommend Junkluggers.

Basically, Junkluggers promo codes help cut costs so you can afford to thoroughly clean your property without breaking the bank.

You can potentially save $50, $100 or even $200+ off large junk hauling jobs by stacking coupons on sales prices and minimum service calls.

The savings add up quickly, making codes very worthwhile to seek out!

Where to Find Junkluggers Coupon Codes

Junkluggers offers ocassional discount codes and specials that you can add to your junk removal order for instant savings.

Here are the best places to find valid Junkluggers promo codes and coupons for 2024:

Junkluggers Website Specials

The Junkluggers website will highlight any current sales or promotions they are offering. Check their homepage and promos page to see featured specials.

Junkluggers Email List

Sign up on their website to receive Junkluggers emails. They send exclusive discounts and coupons only to members of their email subscriber list.

Social Media Deals

Follow Junkluggers on Facebook and Instagram. They will announce short term deals and coupon codes on their social channels.

Loyalty Discounts

Customers who leave positive reviews or refer new customers may receive Junkluggers loyalty coupons good for $25-$100 off future cleanouts.

Third Party Deal Sites

Look for Junkluggers coupons on third party coupon websites like Groupon, RetailMeNot, Coupons.com, and more. These provide codes usable nationwide.

Direct Junkluggers Inquiries

You can call your local Junkluggers branch and inquire if they have any current discounts or promos available. Often special rates are offered but not advertised.

Tips for Using Junkluggers Coupon Codes

Here are some handy tips to ensure you maximize savings with Junkluggers promo codes:

Taking a few minutes to find and supply any valid promos will easily chop $50-$150 from your Junkluggers bill, allowing you to afford a more thorough decluttering.

Junkluggers Coupon Codes for 2024

Ready to save on your next Junkluggers junk hauling service? Here are all the latest verified Junkluggers coupon codes and promotions for 2024:

We’ll keep this list updated with all the latest Junkluggers promo codes and sales for 2024. Bookmark this page and check back frequently to have access to all current discount codes before your next junk removal service.

If you have any trouble applying a code, reach out to the Junkluggers customer service team for assistance to ensure you receive all eligible discounts.

Get Decluttering with Junkluggers Coupon Codes!

Junkluggers makes fast work disposing of all those unwanted items cluttering up your home or business. Their friendly teams take the labor out of loading and hauling junk.

Be sure to use Junkluggers promo codes and coupons whenever available to keep costs affordable for your removal needs, whether small or large.

We hope this guide helps you find all the best Junkluggers coupon codes for 2024 to maximize value. Share your junk hauling savings tips and successes in the comments!

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