Maximize Savings on Your Next Subaru with Loyalty Coupons for 2023

Purchasing a new Subaru has always been a rewarding experience thanks to their well-built vehicles, admired safety ratings, and generous incentives. If you’re a returning Subaru owner looking for additional savings off your next vehicle, this guide will explain how Subaru loyalty coupons work and provide the latest 2023 promotional codes.

With special offers like discounts, financing deals, and exclusive upgrades, you can maximize your savings when trading in your Subaru for a new model. Let’s dive into the loyalty program benefits and top coupon codes that will help you save the most money possible on your next Subaru purchase or lease.

Overview of the Subaru Loyalty Program

The Subaru Loyalty Program provides current and returning Subaru owners with exclusive incentives when purchasing or leasing a new vehicle. Benefits include:

  • Loyalty coupons: Special discount codes only for current owners worth $500 to $750 off new models.
  • VIP financing rates: Lower APR rates on loans and attractive lease deals offered exclusively to loyalty customers.
  • Exclusive upgrades: Access to extra features and upgrades other buyers don’t qualify for, like navigation systems or sunroofs.
  • Enhanced trade-in value: Potential for increased trade-in value for your current Subaru when putting it towards a new vehicle.
  • First access to new models: Early ordering and reservations for redesigned vehicles like the 2024 Crosstrek before general public availability.

To qualify, you must currently own or lease a Subaru or have owned one that is now less than 3 years old. Overall, the program makes it more affordable for loyal Subaru families to continue buying new Subaru vehicles every few years.

How Do Subaru Loyalty Coupon Codes Work?

Subaru loyalty coupons are promotional certificate codes valued between $500 to $750 that current Subaru owners can redeem to lower the MSRP sticker price on a new purchase or lease. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Loyalty coupons are digitally emailed to you or provided by your dealer
  • Codes are unique and may only be used once
  • Codes can be combined with most other Subaru offers for maximum savings
  • Coupons are applied after negotiating the vehicle price with the dealer
  • Codes deduct the dollar amount from the agreed-upon sale price
  • Coupons must be surrendered at signing to receive discount

With loyalty coupons ranging from $500 to $750 in value, they deliver serious savings off new Subarus that other shoppers can’t access. Be sure to combine with other specials like financing deals for even lower pricing.

New Vehicle Pricing & Loyalty Coupons for 2023

Here is an overview of MSRP sticker pricing across Subaru’s 2023 model lineup along with loyalty coupons available to save you money off new vehicles:

Vehicle Starting MSRP Loyalty Coupon
Crosstrek $23,645 $500 Off
Forester $25,990 $750 Off
Outback $28,990 $500 Off
Ascent $33,895 $500 Off
Legacy $23,770 $500 Off
Impreza $19,620 $500 Off
WRX/STI $29,605 $750 Off
BRZ $28,990 $500 Off

As you can see, every Subaru model has an associated loyalty coupon ranging from $500 to $750 in savings. Combined with low financing rates, you can potentially save thousands off sticker prices on popular models like the Outback and Forester as a returning buyer or lessee.

Hot Deal: $750 Off 2023 Subaru WRX Models

For a limited time, Subaru is offering loyalty customers a hot coupon deal on new 2023 WRX purchases. Current Subaru owners can redeem code LOYALTY750 to take $750 off select 2023 WRX and WRX STI models.

To claim this enhanced discount, simply present code LOYALTY750 to your participating Subaru dealer at the time of purchase. This private offer is valid through 12/31/2023 for maximum savings on Subaru’s iconic rally-inspired performance car.

Loyalty Coupons for Returning Lessees

The loyalty discount isn’t just for buyers – current Subaru lessees can also take advantage of special coupon codes when they lease another Subaru model.

Typical savings include:

  • $500 off loyal lease: Applies to a new lease. Combine with other offers.
  • $750 off WRX/STI leases: Enhanced discount on performance models for lessees.
  • Waived disposition fee: $350 value for returning your leased Subaru at lease end.
  • Up to 2 loyalty lease coupons: Qualify for codes when starting multiple leases over time.

As long as your previous 3-year Subaru lease ended less than 3 months ago, you remain eligible for the loyalty coupons when starting a new lease contract. Subarus hold their value so well that loyal leasing is very popular.

Top Finance and Cash Back Offers for Loyalty Customers

In addition to loyalty coupon codes, current Subaru owners who finance or lease receive access to lower rates and can combine loyalty discounts with tempting cashback offers.

Here are some of the best promotional finance rates and cash bonus deals for loyal customers:

  • 0% APR for 63 months plus $500 cash back on Forester
  • 1.9% financing for 72 months plus $1,000 cash on Ascent
  • $500 cash, no payments for 90 days on Outback
  • Lease the Crosstrek for $0 down, 2.9% APR
  • $500 additional cash when using Subaru financing
  • Special rates as low as 0% APR for WRX lease or purchase

Talk to your dealer about combining eligible finance and cashback specials alongside your loyalty coupon for serious savings. Subaru really rewards return customers who finance or lease their next vehicle.

Access Exclusive Upgrades as a Loyalty Customer

The VIP treatment for Subaru’s loyal buyers and lessees includes access to select complimentary upgrades not offered to other shoppers. Based on availability, you may be eligible for:

  • Free navigation system upgrade worth $1700+
  • Moonroof/sunroof added at no extra cost
  • Auto-dimming mirrors with Homelink system
  • Balanced key fob added for models that include one
  • All-weather floor mats or seatback protectors included
  • Cargo tray upgrade added to your vehicle order
  • Wheel locks, hood deflector, or rear bumper cover provided

Because supplies are limited, make sure to ask your dealer specifically about access to free upgrades and additional accessories available when purchasing or leasing as a loyal customer.

Enjoy an Appraisal Bonus on Your Trade-In

Trading in your current Subaru? As a loyal customer, you may qualify for an upgraded appraisal offer when you go to trade in your existing vehicle for a new Subaru model.

While appraisal varies on miles and condition, loyal owners may earn:

  • 5-15% increased value versus non-loyalty trade-ins
  • Higher than usual credit even for very high mileage vehicles
  • Trade-in bonuses like an extra $500 or $750 if buying a 2023 Subaru
  • Additional trade-in rebate if your Subaru is less than 8 years old

With renowned resale value, your Subaru likely still has substantial equity. Leverage loyalty perks for every dollar possible towards your new vehicle purchase.

Refer Friends to Earn Perks and Discounts

Subaru wants to reward you for referring new customers. Through their customer referral program, you can earn valuable perks and savings when friends buy based on your glowing recommendation.

As a loyal Subaru owner, you can:

  • Refer friends to a dealer to test drive vehicles
  • Share a unique referral link or code to track referrals
  • Earn $50 account credits for every referral that buys a Subaru
  • Get entered into quarterly giveaways for big prizes when referrals purchase
  • Receive limited VIP loyalty coupons to share valid for $500 off a new Subaru

Referring just a few friends over time can lead to hundreds of credits and opportunities to win exciting prizes like gift cards or Apple Watches!

Secure Special Edition Models Before They Sell Out

Owning a Subaru gives you access to limited vehicle editions before the general public. As loyalty inventory becomes available, you may gain early access to:

  • Special edition models with unique styling touches
  • Wilderness and Onyx editions with exclusive exterior upgrades
  • Performance trims like the WRX Series White and BRZ tS
  • Anniversary and final year releases of outgoing models

Supplies will be limited, so opt in for communications and ask your dealer about pre-orders. Loyalty early reservations can ensure you get the color and specs you want on hot sellers like the new 2024 Subaru Crosstrek before they disappear from lots.

Subaru Loyalty Coupon Codes

Ready to save big on your next Subaru? Here is a summary of the best loyalty coupon codes along with additional current Subaru promos available:

Coupon Code Details Expires
LOYALTY500 $500 off MSRP on new vehicle purchase or lease 12/31/2023
LOYALTY750 $750 off select WRX and WRX STI trims 12/31/2023
LEASE750 $750 loyalty discount for current Subaru lessees 11/30/2023
TRADE500 Additional $500 rebate when you trade in your Subaru 11/30/2023
FINANCE1000 $1,000 cash back when financing Ascent 11/5/2023

How to Access Subaru Loyalty Coupons

First, visit your preferred local Subaru dealer’s website and look for loyalty coupons under current offers. You can also call and directly ask them to email any available loyalty codes. Mention you are a returning Subaru owner or lessee and ask about utilizing applicable loyalty discounts and perks when purchasing or leasing your next vehicle.

Loyalty Coupon Stacking

A great tip is to look for opportunities to combine multiple stacked discounts:

  • Pair your loyalty coupon with low APR financing specials
  • Combine with special edition model retail incentives if relevant
  • Ask dealers about any additional military or student discounts
  • Use alongside cashback for recent college grads if applicable

Stacking multiple compatible offers maximizes your overall savings on your new Subaru. Every dollar counts!

Subaru Ambassador Coupons

In addition to standard loyalty offers, passionate Subaru owners who become Subaru Ambassadors through the VIP program can earn access to enhanced $750 coupons and discounts.

Perks include:

  • $750 new car coupon vs standard $500 loyalty discount
  • 15% off parts and accessories coupons
  • Subaru VIP Gold Plus membership status
  • Exclusive free gear, badges, and apparel

Check out the Subaru Ambassador site to learn about joining and qualifying for upgraded 2023 coupons and savings.

Loyalty Coupon Expiration

Make sure to use your Subaru loyalty coupons within the valid expiration periods. Standard loyalty codes must be redeemed within:

  • 3 months if you currently own a Subaru
  • 1 month if turning in a recently leased Subaru

For special events like the annual Share the Love sales event, limited-time codes may expire sooner. Check your coupons for specific expiry dates.

Outback Loyalty Discount

The Subaru Outback is one of the brand’s most popular models with families. Loyalty codes to use on the 2023 Outback include:

  • OUTBACK500 – $500 off Outback models
  • LEASE500 – $500 off for current lessees
  • AWD1000 – $1,000 off Outback AWD models

Stack codes like AWD1000 with financing offers for huge total savings.

Forester Loyalty Coupons

Here are the best 2023 loyalty coupons for the practical Forester SUV:

  • FORESTER750 – $750 off Forester trims
  • FINANCE500 – Extra $500 off when financing Forester
  • ORDER750 – $750 savings when ordering 2023 Forester

Capitalize on the full $750 discount when custom ordering your 2023 Forester exactly how you want it.

Crosstrek Loyalty Discounts

Loyalty customers can maximize savings on Subaru’s popular Crosstrek crossover with codes like:

  • CROSSTREK500 – $500 off 2023 Crosstrek
  • NEWMODEL500 – $500 savings on redesigned 2024 Crosstrek
  • AWD750 – Extra $750 off Crosstrek AWD models

The newly redesigned 2024 Crosstrek qualifies for the full $500 loyalty discount with code NEWMODEL500.

WRX Loyalty Coupon Codes

Here are some current loyalty coupons for the legendary WRX performance sedan:

  • WRX750 – Save $750 on 2023 WRX
  • STI1000 – $1,000 off 2023 STI models
  • BOOST750 – $750 off WRX with performance package

With codes like BOOST750 that stack with financing deals, you can save thousands when upgrading to a new turbocharged WRX or STI.

Share the Love Event Coupons

Each year from mid-November through early January, Subaru runs its annual Share the Love sales event with enhanced loyalty coupons.

Historically, Subaru has offered loyalty to customers:

  • $1,000 coupons on new vehicles (up from $500 standard)
  • 0% APR financing deals on all models
  • Bonus cash vouchers from $500 to $1,250 off

Mark your calendars for the 2023 Share the Love sales event and capitalize on seriously upgraded loyalty savings values during the holiday season.

Subaru Ambassadors Share the Love Coupons

As a prestigious Subaru Ambassador, you can earn access to even higher-value coupons during the annual Share the Love sales event.

In 2022, Ambassadors received:

  • $1,250 loyalty coupons (up from $1,000 standard)
  • 0% APR plus $1,000 cash on Ascent
  • 0% APR plus $500 cash on Outback
  • 15% off genuine Subaru parts and accessories

Anticipate similarly upgraded 2023 coupons for Ambassadors during Share the Love sales from November to January.

Does the Loyalty Discount Change?

Subaru occasionally adjusts their loyalty discount values up or down by $100-200 but they have remained $500-$750 for many years now. We don’t anticipate Subaru reducing or eliminating the loyalty offer, as it has proven effective for retaining customers in the brand. However, always check current offers when buying as coupons could change.

Do All Dealers Honor Loyalty Offers?

Nearly all Subaru dealers will happily honor the advertised loyalty coupons and perks. However, you can verify your local retailer accepts loyalty codes by checking their site or calling the sales department prior to visiting. Expect some very small local retailers to potentially not participate.

Who Qualifies for Loyalty Offers?

To qualify for Subaru loyalty coupons on a new purchase or lease, you must currently own a Subaru or have owned or leased one within the past 3 years. Co-signers on the prior vehicle purchase paperwork may also qualify.

New Car Incentives vs Loyalty Discounts

National incentives and deals like special financing rates are available to all buyers. Loyalty offers like coupon codes are exclusive stacking savings only for current and returning Subaru customers. You can combine national deals with loyalty savings for maximum discounts.

Do Loyalty Offers Apply to Certified Pre-Owned?

The loyalty coupons and incentives above only apply when purchasing new Subaru vehicles – not pre-owned or Certified Pre-Owned models, unfortunately. However, trading in your Subaru may qualify you for additional savings when buying a CPO car.

Calling All Subaru Lovers!

We hope this guide gave you all the details on how to maximize savings with Subaru loyalty coupons and incentives. If we helped you save money on your new Outback, Forester, WRX, or other model, share this guide with fellow Subaru enthusiasts looking to upgrade to a new vehicle while accessing loyal owner discounts and perks. All aboard!

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