Flipper Zero Discount Codes for 2024

The Flipper Zero is an innovative new pen testing and hacking multitool that has taken the information security world by storm since its release in 2022. With its powerful ARM cortex processor, extensive feature set, and compact form factor, the Flipper Zero makes an excellent addition to any ethical hacker’s toolkit.

However, the Flipper Zero doesn’t come cheap, with an MSRP of $169 for the standard kit. That’s why using a Flipper Zero discount code can help you score significant savings on this must-have device for pen testers and hobbyist hackers alike.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll provide an overview of Flipper Zero and its capabilities, followed by a rundown of the best Flipper Zero coupon codes, promos, and deals available for 2024.

Overview of the Flipper Zero Pen Testing Device

Flipper Zero

The Flipper Zero is manufactured by Flipper Devices, a company based in Russia that successfully crowdfunded the device in 2021. The Flipper Zero packs some seriously impressive capabilities into a gadget that’s roughly the size of a standard USB flash drive.

Some of the key features and specs of the Flipper Zero include:

With this compact but powerful hardware, the Flipper Zero can support an extensive array of pen testing and hacking applications, including:

As you can see, the Flipper Zero packs an incredible amount of functionality into a device smaller than a credit card. It’s an extremely versatile tool for pen testers, hardware hackers, IT security professionals, and tech enthusiasts. No wonder it was massively successful on Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

Next, let’s take a look at how you can save money on the Flipper Zero for 2024 using some handy discount codes and promos.

Flipper Zero Discount Codes and Deals for 2024

The Flipper Zero retails for $169 USD officially. Here are some of the best deals and discounts currently available for the Flipper Zero in 2024:

These promo codes can be applied during checkout on the official Flipper Devices online store (https://shop.flipperzero.one/). The discounts are capped at a maximum value, so the actual savings will depend on the kit you purchase.

For the latest and greatest Flipper Zero discount codes, be sure to check the Flipper Devices’ social media pages around major shopping holidays when they are most likely to offer promotions. Their Twitter account often tweets out coupon codes:

These sites aggregate deals across the web and can be great resources for finding coupon codes for Flipper Zero and other popular products. Bookmark them and check back often for Flipper Zero discounts updated for 2024.

How to Get the Best Deal on a Flipper Zero

Here are some tips and strategies for getting the lowest possible price on a Flipper Zero in 2024:

Using these tips and the promo codes listed above, you should be able to purchase a Flipper Zero in 2024 at a significant discount off MSRP. Enjoy all the awesome wireless pentesting power this amazing device packs at an affordable price point.

The Best Flipper Zero Add-Ons and Accessories

To enhance your Flipper Zero functionality even further, here are some of the top recommended accessories and add-ons worth checking out:

Browse all official and third party accessories on the Flipper Devices store and elsewhere to equip your Flipper Zero for any infosec mission!

Flipper Zero Firmware Updates for 2024

Here are some of the new features and capabilities expected to be added to the Flipper Zero via firmware updates in 2024:

  • Improvements to existing apps – Expect stability fixes, UI/UX enhancements, and new options across the various apps like Dolphin, UART, Infrared, RFID, etc.
  • New attack apps – Possible new attack apps in development include a network sniffer, keystroke logger, traffic jammer, and improved brute forcer.
  • New radio protocols – Support for additional radio frequencies may be added such as Circulator, EnOcean, and new LoRa mods.
  • FIDO2/WebAuthn app – This would allow using the Flipper as a hardware authenticator for passwordless login. Great for pentesting sites with FIDO2 enabled.
  • New embedded payloads – BadUSB functionality may be expanded with new embeddable payloads for Rubber Ducky style attacks.
  • Over-the-air (OTA) update capabilities – Built-in update delivery will allow new firmware to be pushed wirelessly rather than manually via USB-C. Much more convenient!
  • Customization options – Developers may open up theming options to allow greater UI customization and personalization.
  • Bug fixes – Plenty of firmware updates will focus on squashing bugs, boosting performance, and improving stability.
  • New apps from community – The open source nature of Flipper Zero means developers worldwide can contribute new applications.
  • New minigames – Even more retro style mini games and Easter Eggs are inevitable in new firmware releases.

As an open-source platform, the Flipper Zero has unlimited potential for expansion as more hackers and tinkerers get involved. Stay tuned for exciting new firmware throughout 2024 that will add even more functionality to this already incredible device. Be sure to keep your Flipper’s firmware updated so you can enjoy all the newest features and security fixes.

Top Resources for Getting the Most From Your Flipper Zero

To really maximize your capabilities with the Flipper Zero, be sure to check out these top learning resources:

Official Flipper Zero Subreddit


The official Subreddit is your best source for news/updates, asking questions, and engaging with the Flipper community. Read wiki guides, find handy tips from other users, and show off your Flipper Zero projects.

Happy flipping hacking in 2024! Let us know if any awesome new promo codes or firmware updates for Flipper Zero arise. This versatile gadget is sure to continue impressing as development progresses.

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