Wholecelium Coupon Codes and Promo Codes for 2023

Wholecelium is a leading online retailer of high-quality magic mushrooms and truffles. They offer a wide selection of psilocybin products at affordable prices. Wholecelium frequently offers promo codes, coupon codes and other discounts to help you save money on your order. In this article, we will provide an overview of Wholecelium and their products, as well as a list of all the latest Wholecelium coupon and promo codes for 2023.

Overview of Wholecelium

Founded in 2007, Wholecelium is one of the most trusted and established magic mushroom retailers online. They are based in the Netherlands, where the sale of magic truffles is legal. Wholecelium ships worldwide from the Netherlands, except for countries where magic mushrooms are illegal.

Wholecelium offers an extensive selection of magic mushroom products including:

  • Magic truffles – Wholecelium carries over 25 strains of truffles from the Psilocybe genus. Popular varieties include Atlantis, Dragon’s Dynamite, Valhalla and more.
  • Magic mushroom grow kits – Grow your own mushrooms at home with Wholecelium’s beginner-friendly mushroom grow kits. Kits contain everything you need to grow multiple flushes of mushrooms.
  • Microdosing capsules – Precisely measured microdosing capsules containing ground magic truffles. An easy way to microdose.
  • Magic mushroom chocolate bars – Delicious chocolate bars infused with magic mushroom extract for smooth, long-lasting trips.
  • Complete mushroom growing supplies – Grow tents, substrates, spores, and other supplies for growing mushrooms.

No matter what type of magic mushroom product you are looking for, you can find it at Wholecelium at affordable prices.

Benefits of Shopping at Wholecelium

There are many benefits to shopping at Wholecelium compared to other magic mushroom retailers:

  • Huge selection – Wholecelium offers an unmatched selection of magic truffles, grow kits, microdosing capsules and more. New strains are frequently added.
  • Low prices – Their prices are very reasonable, especially when using Wholecelium promo codes.
  • Discreet, safe shipping – Products ship worldwide in discreet, unmarked packages to protect your privacy.
  • High quality products – Wholecelium only sells top-quality, high-potency mushroom products. You can expect great results.
  • Excellent customer service – Their customer service team is highly responsive and willing to help if you have any questions or issues.
  • Reliability – With over 15 years in business, Wholecelium is one of the most reliable and trusted retailers in the industry.

Overall, Wholecelium is the premier destination for purchasing magic truffles, mushrooms and related products online. Their combination of selection, pricing, shipping, and service makes them a top choice.

How to Use Wholecelium Coupon Codes

Taking advantage of Wholecelium promo codes and coupons is easy and can save you a lot of money. Here are step-by-step instructions for using Wholecelium coupon codes:

  1. Find a valid, current Wholecelium promo code – See the list below of all the latest Wholecelium coupon and promo codes for 2023. Choose a code that offers the discount you want.
  2. Click the orange “Visit Store” button – This will take you to the Wholecelium website so you can start shopping.
  3. Shop and add items to your cart – Browse Wholecelium’s selection and add the magic mushroom products you want to purchase to your shopping cart.
  4. Proceed to checkout – When ready, proceed to the checkout screen to enter your shipping details and payment method.
  5. Enter the promo code – On the checkout screen, you will see a box labeled “Do you have a promo code?” Enter the Wholecelium coupon code exactly as shown in the list below.
  6. See discount applied – If entered correctly, the promo code will instantly apply the discount to your total order value.
  7. Complete checkout – Finish entering your information and complete the checkout process.

That’s all it takes! Using Wholecelium promo codes is a fast and easy way to save money on magic truffles, grow kits, and other mushroom products.

Current Wholecelium Promo Codes and Coupons for 2023

Here is the complete list of all available Wholecelium coupon codes, promo codes and other special offers for 2023. This list is updated regularly as new discounts become available.

Promo Code Discount Expires
NEW10 10% off your order Ongoing
WELCOME15 15% off first order Ongoing
FREESHIPPING Free standard shipping Ongoing
BLACKFRIDAY 25% off site-wide November 24-28, 2023
CYBERMONDAY 30% off site-wide November 28, 2023
XMAS21 21% off site-wide December 18-26, 2023

To redeem these Wholecelium promo codes, follow the 6-step instructions listed above during the checkout process. The above codes can provide huge savings on your magic truffle order.

  • The NEW10 promo code saves 10% off your entire order at Wholecelium. There is no minimum order value required to use this discount code.
  • WELCOME15 takes 15% off your first purchase for new Wholecelium customers. Sign up for a new account and use this promo for immediate savings.
  • Get free standard shipping on any size order with the FREESHIPPING promo code. No minimum purchase required.
  • For the biggest possible discounts, look out for holiday promo codes. The BLACKFRIDAY code saves 25% storewide for Black Friday 2022 weekend.
  • The CYBERMONDAY code takes 30% off everything at Wholecelium for Cyber Monday 2022.
  • The XMAS21 code saves 21% on all Wholecelium products for the week leading up to Christmas 2022.

Check back here frequently, as new Wholecelium promo codes are added throughout the year for additional savings opportunities. Combining these promo codes with Wholecelium’s already low prices provides tremendous value.

How to Get Additional Discounts

Besides using Wholecelium coupon codes, there are a couple other ways to save money:

  • Newsletter sign up – Subscribe to the Wholecelium newsletter and receive occasional promo codes and discounts delivered to your inbox.
  • Loyalty rewards – Frequent Wholecelium shoppers can earn loyalty points with each purchase, which translate into dollar-off discounts on future orders.
  • Referral program – Refer friends to shop at Wholecelium and receive a $10 credit when your friend makes their first purchase.
  • Sales and deals – Check the website frequently as Wholecelium runs sales and temporary deals on certain products or categories.

Stacking these savings on top of Wholecelium coupon codes can help maximize your discount.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about Wholecelium promo codes and coupons:

Do Wholecelium promo codes expire?

Yes, each Wholecelium promo code has an expiration date. Check the list above for current promo code validity periods. Expired promo codes will no longer provide a discount.

Can I use multiple Wholecelium promo codes on one order?

Unfortunately Wholecelium only allows one promo code to be applied per order. However, you can combine a promo code with other discounts like free shipping, loyalty points or newsletter sign up offers in a single order.

Are there any exclusions on Wholecelium promo codes?

Most Wholecelium promo codes can only be applied to regular priced items. Some exclusions may include items on sale, bundles and other select products as indicated in the promo code’s terms.

Enjoy Savings on Magic Mushrooms with Wholecelium

Wholecelium is the premier retailer of magic mushrooms, truffles, spores and grow kits. Their promo codes and coupons make it more affordable than ever to purchase high-quality psychedelic products. Refer to this page before shopping at Wholecelium to find all the best coupons and deals they have to offer.

Remember to apply a Wholecelium promo code during online checkout to maximize your savings on every order. Share these money-saving promo codes with other like-minded friends and family to spread the discounts.

Visit Wholecelium today, pick out your favorite psilocybin products, and use a coupon code to unlock big savings!

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