Solitaire Cube Promo Codes and Coupon Codes 2023

Solitaire Cube is a popular solitaire card game app available on iOS, Android, and web. The game puts a unique spin on classic solitaire with 3D visuals and game modes like Daily Challenges, Zen Mode, Bets Mode and more.

While Solitaire Cube is free to download, you can unlock premium features and get power-ups with Cube Coins, which are the in-game currency. The good news is you can save money on Cube Coins by using Solitaire Cube promo codes and coupons.

In this detailed guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know to get Solitaire Cube promo codes and coupons so you can unlock more game features for less.

Solitaire Cube Promo Codes

Promo Code Reward
FREECD2022 200 free Cube Coins
ONESOLITAIRE 100 free Cube Coins
DAILYCOIN 50 free Cube Coins
SPINS2022 5 free Super Spins

Overview of Solitaire Cube Discounts

Here’s a quick look at the ways you can save money on Cube Coins in Solitaire Cube:

  • Promo Codes – Special codes to redeem for free Cube Coins
  • Free Coins Offers – Ways to earn Coins for free without paying
  • Referral Bonus – Earn Coins for referring friends
  • Limited Time Deals – Seasonal sales on Cube Coin packs
  • Reward Videos – Watch ads to earn Coins as rewards
  • Promotional Events – Special events with Cube Coin prizes
  • Achievement Bonuses – Unlock Coin rewards by completing achievements

The key is to take advantage of as many promo codes, free coin offers, and bonuses as possible to maximize your savings on Cube Coins.

Active Solitaire Cube Promo Codes

One of the best ways to get Cube Coins at a discount or for free is to use active Solitaire Cube promo codes. Here are some places to find working promo codes:

  • Solitaire Cube’s Social Media – Check their Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages for promo code giveaways. Solitaire Cube frequently posts codes on social media.
  • Solitaire Cube’s Email List – Sign up on their website to join the Solitaire Cube email list. Subscribers often receive exclusive promo codes.
  • Solitaire Cube’s YouTube Channel – Their YouTube videos sometimes mention special promo codes in the descriptions.
  • Promo Code Websites – General promo code websites like CouponCause and Groupon can have Solitaire Cube codes.
  • Solitaire Cube’s In-Game News – The News tab in the Solitaire Cube app will advertise any active promo codes.

Once you find a valid promo code, here are the simple steps to redeem it:

  1. Open the Solitaire Cube app.
  2. Tap on the main menu icon (3 lines in top left corner).
  3. Choose the “Redeem Code” option.
  4. Carefully enter the promo code.
  5. Tap “Claim” to add the Cube Coins to your account!

It’s that easy. Actively looking for promo codes can help you stock up on thousands of Cube Coins without having to pay!

Earn Free Coins through Gameplay

Luckily, Solitaire Cube also offers plenty of ways to earn Cube Coins for free without having to pay or use promo codes. Here are some methods to earn Coins through regular gameplay:

  • Daily Rewards – Come back daily for a login bonus Coin reward that increases each consecutive day.
  • Quests – Complete daily and monthly quests like winning games or clearing rows to earn Coins.
  • Ad Rewards – Opt to watch a short video ad after completing levels to receive bonus Coins.
  • Level Up Rewards – As you gain XP and level up, you’ll unlock Coin rewards for reaching new levels.
  • Adventure Mode – Playing this mode awards you with Coins for each level completed.
  • Leaderboards – Earn Coins each week based on your leaderboard ranking.
  • Achievements – New Coins are awarded each time you complete an achievement.
  • Daily Challenges – Earn big Coin prizes by completing the Daily Challenge each day.

With regular gameplay, these systems can provide you with a steady stream of Cube Coins without having to spend real money.

Refer Friends for Coins

Solitaire Cube also offers generous Cube Coin referral bonuses. Here’s how it works:

  1. Tap on your player profile picture.
  2. Choose “Get Free Coins”.
  3. Access the referral section.
  4. Share your unique referral link via text, email, social media etc.
  5. When a friend installs Solitaire Cube using your link, you BOTH get free Cube Coins!

The more friends who install and play using your referral link, the more free Coins you can accumulate over time.

Buy Cube Coins When on Sale

While promo codes and free coins offers are great, sometimes it’s worthwhile to buy Cube Coin packs when they are discounted:

  • Check for Sales – Solitaire Cube will occasionally offer timed sales on all Cube Coin packs, like 20-50% off.
  • Buy Larger Packs – The bigger Cube Coin pack sizes offer more coins at a lower per-coin price.
  • Watch for Holiday Sales – Major holidays like Christmas, New Years and July 4th often have special discounted Cube Coin packs.

Even without promo codes, buying Cube Coins at a discount is better than paying full price!

Tips for Unlocking More Free Coins

Here are some additional tips to maximize how many free Coins you can earn:

  • Enable push notifications in app settings – you’ll sometimes get free Coin alerts
  • Watch the end-of-level ads for bonus Coins as much as possible
  • Check the News tab daily for free Cube Coin offers
  • Tap the hourly free Cube Coins button when available
  • Always complete your Daily Challenge and daily quests
  • Connect your Facebook account to earn 100 free Coins
  • Increase your max bet in Bets Mode to earn Coins faster from wins
  • Enter any giveaways and contests Solitaire Cube promotes

Following these tips, playing consistently, and redeeming codes can help you stock up on thousands of free Coins!

Solitaire Cube Coupon Codes

In addition to Cube Coins promo codes, Solitaire Cube also sometimes offers coupons for real money discounts on Cube Coin purchases:

  • Email List Coupons – Subscribers can receive discount coupons for the Cube Coin shop
  • Limited Time Deals – Occasional sales like 20% off all Cube Coin packs
  • Holiday Coupons – Special holiday coupon codes are released annually
  • Social Media Coupons – Solitaire Cube shares coupon codes on their social channels
  • Referral Coupons – Special coupons are given for referring new users

These real money coupons can offer discounts like 20% off, 30% off or dollars off your Cube Coin purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about getting promo codes and coupons for Solitaire Cube:

Where can I find Solitaire Cube promo codes?

Check their social media, email subscriptions, YouTube videos, promotional news, and third-party promo code websites to find active Solitaire Cube promo codes.

How do I enter promo codes in Solitaire Cube?

In the Solitaire Cube app menu, go to Redeem Code, enter the promo code exactly, and tap Claim to add the Cube Coins to your account.

Using Solitaire Cube promo codes and coupons provides an easy way to get premium features and power-ups without spending real money, allowing you to fully enjoy this popular solitaire game app!

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