Save Big with Zippix Discount Codes in 2024

Zippix is a popular online retailer offering innovative and fun toothpicks for every use. With Zippix promo codes, you can save on their signature toothpick packs in 2024.

About Zippix Toothpicks

Founded in 2017, Zippix believes toothpicks can be so much more than just a boring oral hygiene tool. They create flavored, scented, colored, and shaped toothpicks that make teeth cleaning fun. Some of their key products include:

Flavor picks – Toothpicks infused with flavors like cinnamon, peppermint and fruit flavors.

Scented picks – Toothpicks containing aromas like citrus, berries, and vanilla for fresh breath.

Color picks – Toothpicks made in vibrant colors like green, blue, and pink.

Shaped picks – Unique toothpick designs like zigzags, waves, and polka dots.

Bamboo picks – Sustainable toothpicks crafted from bamboo.

Cocktail picks – Decorative and functional picks for garnishing drinks.

Traveler packs – Portable, disposable toothpicks for on-the-go use.

Zippix ships worldwide and also offers subscription plans so you never run out of your favorite toothpicks.

Top 10 Zippix Discount Codes for 2024

To recap, here are 10 of the best Zippix promo codes to use in 2024:

Benefits of Zippix Discount Codes

Zippix toothpicks already come at affordable prices. But you can save even more money by taking advantage of Zippix promo codes and specials. Here are some of the benefits of using Zippix discount codes:

  • Save 20% or more on select toothpick packs
  • Get free shipping on orders over a certain value
  • Discounted prices on first-time subscriber packages
  • Exclusive access to limited-edition flavor packs
  • Special promotional packs and bundles
  • Reward points towards free packs on future orders
  • Sale prices on seasonal and holiday picks

With Zippix coupon codes, you can try out new picks and stock up your supplies while staying within your budget.

How to Find Zippix Discount Codes

Here are some tips for finding the best Zippix toothpick promo codes to maximize your savings in 2024:

Zippix Toothpick Discount Codes

Here are some current and upcoming Zippix discount codes for 2024:

Check the Zippix website often as they frequently add new promo codes throughout the year. Let’s look at how to use Zippix coupon codes on some popular toothpick products:

Flavored Toothpicks

Make oral hygiene more enjoyable with yummy flavors like:

  • Cinnamon – CINNAPICKS 20% off
  • Peppermint – MINTPICKS 15% off
  • Fruit Blast – FRUITYPICKS 10% off
  • Sour Berry – BERRYSOUR buy one get one 50% off

Combine flavored picks with scented picks for a flavorful aromatherapy experience.

Shaped Toothpicks

Add fun shapes to your tooth cleaning routine with codes like:

  • Wavy – WAVEPICKS buy two get one free
  • Zigzag – ZIGGYPICKS 20% off
  • Polka dot – DOTTYPICKS 15% off
  • Heart shape – LOVEPICKS get a free mini pack with a 3-pack purchase

Kids will love using shaped picks to make cleaning teeth an enjoyable activity.

Bamboo Toothpicks

Eco-friendly bamboo picks let you cut down on plastic waste. Use codes like:

  • BAMBOO25 – 25% off bamboo toothpicks
  • ECOPICKS – 20% off bamboo variety pack
  • BAMBOOFREE – Get 100 free bamboo picks with starter pack

Bamboo is sustainable, biodegradable and collapsible for easy flossing between teeth.

Cocktail Picks

Dress up drinks and hors d’oeuvres with decorative and colorful picks. Codes include:

  • COCKTAIL10 – 10% off all cocktail picks
  • HAPPYHOUR – 20% off $20+ cocktail pick orders
  • PARTYPICKS – BOGO 50% off cocktail variety packs

Jazz up platters, drinks, and desserts with fun and functional cocktail toothpicks.

Gift Packs

Gift packs make great presents for birthdays, holidays, graduations, weddings and more. Use codes like:

  • GIFT25 – 25% off all gift packs
  • STOCKING10 – 10% off holiday stocking stuffer packs
  • VALENTINEPICKS – 20% off Valentine’s Day packs
  • CUSTOM3 – Buy 3 customized packs, get 1 free

Spread smiles with personalized or themed toothpick gift packs.

Plan Your Next Zippix Order with Discount Codes

Hopefully, this breakdown gives you plenty of Zippix toothpick promo codes to take advantage of huge savings in 2024. Remember to check the Zippix website and email newsletter frequently for new discounts throughout the year.

Stock up on fun toothpicks for yourself or give them as creative gifts. Mix and match different packs to find your favorites. Share codes with friends so you can take advantage of bundled pack deals.

Let us know if you have any other questions! Happy pickings with Zippix.

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