Delta 8 Reseller Coupon Codes 2024 – Exclusive Discounts

Delta 8 THC has exploded in popularity thanks to its legal status and mellow high compared to traditional Delta 9 marijuana. As a hemp-derived compound, delta 8 can be purchased and shipped legally online to most US states. This guide will cover the top Delta 8 reseller stores and provide exclusive coupon codes to save up to 25% on brands like 3Chi, Delta Effex, Moonwlkr, and more top Delta 8 companies.

What is Delta 8 THC?

Before diving into the deals, let’s briefly explain what delta 8 THC is.

Delta 8 THC is a minor cannabinoid found naturally in small amounts in hemp and cannabis plants. It provides relaxing effects similar to traditional THC from marijuana but with a lower psychoactive potency.

When concentrated from hemp, delta 8 exists in a legal gray area thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill. As long as delta 8 content stays below 0.3% THC, it can be extracted from hemp and sold online.

The mellow high and legal availability online has made Delta 8 a hot new trend over the past couple of years. It comes in various products like edibles, vapes, tinctures, flowers, concentrates, and more.

Now let’s check out the top online Delta 8 retailers and how to save money shopping with them using promo codes and coupons.

Best Delta 8 Coupon Codes

Here is a table summarizing the current best coupon codes for major Delta 8 reseller sites. Keep reading below for details on each brand and additional discount opportunities.

3Chi Delta 8 Coupon Codes

3Chi is one of the original and largest Delta 8 brands. They are considered industry pioneers and experts in hemp-derived compounds. 3Chi offers a huge selection of delta-8 THC products:

As an established leader, 3Chi emphasizes safety and compliance in all of its US-made products. They test for quality and purity with independent third-party labs.

3Chi frequently offers sitewide sales ranging from 20% to 25% off. Subscribe to their email list to be notified of the latest 3Chi promo codes.

For a guaranteed discount, new customers can use the coupon code SUCCESS25 to save 25% off their entire order. This limited-time 3Chi deal offers a great way to stock up and try their diverse Delta 8 products.

In addition to discounts, 3Chi provides free shipping on orders over $99. Or choose expedited shipping for faster delivery.

Delta Effex Coupon Codes

Delta Effex brings creativity and innovation to its line of Delta 8 products. Their offerings include:

Delta Effex aims to make Delta 8 readily accessible and enjoyable for all. They focus on edibles, vapes, and new ways to consume THC.

Delta Effex frequently updates promo codes on their site. New customers can currently use the code FIRST10 to receive 10% off all products.

You can also often find Delta Effex deals like 25% off sitewide or BOGO (buy one get one) specials. Their email newsletter will notify you of new Delta 8 coupon codes.

Note Delta Effex only ships within the United States currently. Free shipping is offered on orders over $50.

Delta 8 Pro Coupon Codes

Delta 8 Pro is one of the fastest-growing Delta 8 retailers online. They provide a wide selection including:

Delta 8 Pro maintains high standards for all products. Each batch is tested for purity, safety, and compliance at an independent lab.

The Delta 8 Pro site regularly has promotions like 30% off for first-time buyers. Use the coupon code DELTA15 to take 15% off your entire order.

Free priority shipping is offered by Delta 8 Pro on orders over $50. Or pay extra to expedite delivery times.

Join their email list for updates on the latest Delta 8 coupon codes and sitewide discounts.

Moonwlkr Coupon Codes

Moonwlkr focuses on premium quality, high strength delta 8. All products contain at least 95% pure delta 8 for maximum benefits. Their lineup includes:

  • Vapes and disposables
  • Gummies
  • Tinctures
  • Soft gels
  • Pre-rolls, blunts, and flowers

Moonwlkr uses top-shelf minor cannabinoids sourced from US-grown hemp. Rigorous testing ensures safety, legal compliance, and accurate dosing.

Moonwlkr often provides discounts like 25% off carts or BOGO-free deals. Use the coupon REPUBLIC20 for 20% off storewide.

New subscribers get 10% off plus free shipping on their first order when signing up for the Moonwlkr email newsletter.

Standard free shipping is included on orders over $50. Moonwlkr ships only within the USA.

Botany Farms Delta 8 Coupon Codes

Botany Farms provides premium crafted Delta 8 products including:

As part of the CBD industry since 2019, Botany Farms already has extensive experience with hemp before offering delta 8 THC. They oversee every step from US-grown hemp cultivation to finished retail products.

Use the promo code REPUBLIC15 to receive 15% off all Botany Farms delta 8 products. Sign up for their newsletter to receive alerts on new Delta 8 coupon codes and promotions.

Botany Farms offers free standard shipping on all orders, with expedited shipping available for an added cost.

Harbor City Hemp Coupon Codes

Harbor City Hemp provides premium Delta 8 derived from organically grown hemp. Their offerings include:

As a CBD brand since 2015, Harbor City Hemp has extensive experience crafting high-quality hemp products before launching their delta 8 THC lineup.

Harbor City frequently has promotions offering 25% to 35% off your order. New customers can use code REPUBLIC10 to take 10% off.

Subscribe to their email newsletter for alerts on flash sales, limited-time coupon codes, and free shipping specials.

Standard shipping is free on orders over $50, with expedited shipping available.

Delta Extrax Coupon Codes

Delta Extrax focuses on premium quality Delta 8 products including:

As relative newcomers starting in 2021, Delta Extrax brings fresh energy while upholding strict quality standards for their Delta 8 extracts sourced from US hemp.

Use the coupon code EXTRA10 to receive 10% off your full order from Delta Extrax.

Be sure to subscribe to their email newsletter for sitewide discount alerts, early holiday deals, and notifications on new Delta 8 products.

Delta Extrax provides free standard shipping on all orders over $50. USPS Priority and expedited FedEx shipping are available at checkout.

C9 Delta 8 Coupon Codes

C9 Delta 8 (also known as Cloud9) offers a wide lineup of Delta 8 products including:

C9 Delta 8 controls every step from US-grown hemp cultivation through to production and testing. Their in-house extractions ensure purity and potency.

Use the coupon code CLOUD10 to take 10% off your entire C9 delta 8 order.

Check their website often for deals like 30% off and flash sales. Provide your email to receive alerts on the latest sitewide discounts and coupon codes.

C9 Delta 8 provides fast free shipping on all orders over $50. Expedited options are available.

Stacking Coupons and Promotions

One trick to maximize savings on delta 8 products is stacking coupons and promo codes.

Many brands allow using a standard coupon code in combination with:

Before purchasing, check retailer sites and your inbox for any current stacked deals. Combining multiple promos can drive the net order price significantly lower.

Joining Email Lists for Coupon Codes

Signing up for delta 8 brand newsletters is a smart move to receive coupon notifications and sale alerts.

Benefits of joining email lists include:

Ensure you are subscribed to retailer lists like 3Chi, Delta Effex, Moonwlkr and others to catch time-limited sitewide coupons, stacking deals, and BOGO offers before they expire.

Following Social Media for Promotions

Beyond emails, delta 8 brands frequently post deals on their social media channels.

Follow delta 8 companies you like on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to discover:

Social media also provides an easy way to contact brands and ask questions before purchasing.

Liking and sharing branded posts also helps unlock special promo codes only available to engaged followers.

Using Referral Programs

Referral programs offer another opportunity to earn discounts on delta 8 products.

Many brands provide referral codes that current customers can share with friends and followers. Rewards for successful referrals include:

  • Discount codes from 10% to 25% off
  • Free shipping unlocks
  • Entry into giveaways for big prizes
  • Extended time on existing percent-off promo codes

Be sure to check with brands and look for your personal referral code before sharing delta 8 deals with friends. Getting them to make their first purchase using your code nets rewards for both of you.

Paying with Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are accepted by some online delta 8 retailers. Paying with crypto provides a couple discount advantages:

  • Lower credit card processing fees are passed as savings
  • Exclusive crypto-user promotions and gifts

Delta 8 Pro, for example, offers 5% off when paying with Bitcoin. Harbor City Hemp provides a free delta 8 vape pen on $100+ crypto purchases.

If sitting on cryptocurrency, using it to buy delta 8 can help maximize value compared to cash payments. Be sure to opt-in and select the crypto payment option at checkout.

Choosing Bundles

Many delta 8 brands offer product bundles that provide a discount compared to purchasing items individually.

Bundles to look for include:

Bundles allow trying a wider selection of products while optimizing the total cart price. They make great deals for first time delta 8 users or as gifts.

Stacking Rewards Programs

For frequent delta 8 shoppers, stacking rewards program perks on top of coupons provides another way to save.

Loyalty programs vary but common rewards include:

  • Discount codes sent on sign-up
  • Points earned with each order redeemable for dollars off
  • Free products sent on your birthday or anniversary
  • Exclusive sales and early product access for members

Make sure to enroll in delta 8 brand rewards programs and use your loyalty points and coupons together. Maximizing program perks minimizes spend over time.

Avoiding Scams

With delta 8 surging in popularity, many fly-by-night vendors have popped up looking to cash in on the craze through subpar products and sketchy marketing tactics.

Avoid scams by following these tips:

Sticking with reputable online brands like the major retailers in this article helps avoid wasting money on questionable fly-by-night delta 8 companies. Do research before trying unknown new brands touting prices that seem too good to be true.

Delta 8 Coupon Code FAQs

Are there delta 8 coupons codes for first time buyers?

Yes, many top delta 8 companies offer first time buyer discounts ranging from 15% to 30% off your initial purchase when signing up for their email newsletter. Check each brand’s website for availability.

How much does free shipping save on a delta 8 order?

Free shipping typically provides around $5 to $10 of savings compared to standard USPS First Class rates. Retailers often include free shipping on orders over a minimum like $50 or $75.

Can I use more than one coupon code when ordering delta 8 products?

It depends on the brand’s policy. Many allow stacking one standard percent-off or dollar-off coupon code with an existing sitewide sale discount for maximum savings. Just ensure codes are entered correctly at checkout.

Where can I find the latest delta 8 coupon codes?

Checking delta 8 brand websites, joining their email lists, and following on social media will provide the most up-to-date coupon codes as they are released. Aggregator sites may showcase expired coupons.

Are there coupon codes for delta 8 flowers?

Yes, most brands provide coupon codes that apply sitewide, including pre-rolled delta 8 flowers. Check the current promos table above for flower deals. Signing up for brand newsletters delivers flower coupon alerts.

How much can I save with a delta 8 promo code?

Savings vary, but most delta 8 coupon codes range from 10% to 30% off. Sitewide sales can discount up to 40% or more. Strategically stacking codes, sales, and loyalty rewards maximizes total order discounts.

Get the Best Delta 8 Prices

Thanks to the rise of delta 8 ecommerce, it’s now easy to try affordable federally legal THC from the convenience of home. Just be sure to research and purchase from reputable brands for the best experience.

We hope this guide to the top delta 8 retailers and their current promo codes helps you save big money on your next order. Be sure to bookmark and check back often as new deals are frequently added.

Remember to stack coupons, monitor email lists, and maximize loyalty programs. With the right promo codes and discount stacking, you can enjoy premium delta 8 products from leading brands at the best possible price.

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