Best Swimply Coupon Codes and Promo Codes for 2023

Swimply is an online marketplace that allows pool owners to rent out their pools by the hour to local swimmers. It’s a great way to earn extra income from your backyard pool, or find affordable access to a pool near you for swimming, parties, or other water activities.

Using Swimply coupon codes and promo codes can help you save money on pool rentals and Swimply membership fees. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll provide an overview of Swimply and its services, show you how to find and use Swimply promo codes, and provide the best Swimply coupon codes for 2023.

Overview of Swimply and Its Services

Founded in 2018, Swimply is available throughout the United States and Canada. The company lets pool owners list their pools for rent by the hour, day, or week. Meanwhile, local swimmers can search, book, and pay for pool rentals directly through the Swimply site or app.

Some key things to know about Swimply’s services:

  • For Pool Owners: Listing a pool on Swimply is free. Pool owners earn income by setting their own rental rates per hour. Swimply takes a 15% service fee from each booking.
  • For Swimmers: Swimmers can search pools by location, size, amenities, availability, and price. Bookings can be made directly through the site or app.
  • Booking Process: Swimmers request bookings for specific time slots. Pool owners can approve or deny requests. Payment is processed securely through Swimply.
  • Membership: Swimmers pay a $9 monthly or $99 yearly membership fee to access Swimply’s pool rental platform. Pool owners do not need a membership.
  • Insurance: Swimply provides up to $1 million in liability insurance for each booking. Pool owners are covered in case of property damage or accidents.
  • Reviews: Two-way ratings and reviews help build trust and reputation on the platform.

Overall, Swimply aims to make shared pool access more affordable, convenient, and safe through technology. With over 100,000 registered pools, it’s the largest pool sharing platform.

How to Find and Use Swimply Coupon Codes

Swimply offers occasional promo codes and discounts for new users signing up for a monthly or yearly membership. Here are some tips for finding and using Swimply coupon codes:

  • Check Swimply’s website and social media pages for posted promo codes. Discounts are sometimes announced through Facebook ads or Swimply’s email newsletter.
  • Look for Swimply referral codes. If a friend sends you their code, you can get $25 off your first booking.
  • Search on websites like Groupon that compile coupon codes for services like Swimply. Make sure codes haven’t expired.
  • Try Google searching for terms like “Swimply promo code” or “Swimply coupon code 2023” to find updated deals.
  • Be aware that Swimply promo codes are usually one-time use. Make sure to copy and paste codes correctly at checkout.
  • Some Swimply codes only apply to first-time user accounts. Create an account before booking to redeem.
  • Codes typically offer $10 to $25 off membership fees. Higher value promos are rare.
  • Contact Swimply customer support if you have issues applying a code to your booking purchase.

Taking a few minutes to find an active Swimply coupon code can lead to nice savings on membership fees. Be sure to read terms and check expiry dates carefully.

Can I Get a Discount on Swimply Pool Rentals?

While Swimply doesn’t offer coupon codes that reduce the hourly or daily rental rates for pools, there are a few ways you may be able to save on your pool bookings:

  • Book longer rentals. Pool owners offer discounts for full day (8 hours) or multi-day rentals. The per hour rate drops the longer you book.
  • Avoid peak times. Hourly rates are highest on weekends and peak summer hours. Booking on weekdays or evenings can mean lower rates.
  • Bundle services. Some pool owners offer bundled services like food, beverages, or spa access at discounted add-on rates.
  • Refer friends. Referring new users to Swimply can earn you $25 rental credit after your friend’s first booking.
  • Review discounts. Leaving an honest review for your host after a booking may lead to discounts on future rentals.
  • Early bird discounts. Booking well in advance, especially for full vacation weeks, may score you a discount from pool owners.
  • Shoulder season savings. Pool rental rates dip during cooler spring and fall months. Time your bookings accordingly to save.

While the rental rates are set by individual pool owners, the tips above can potentially help you spend less per hour on your next Swimply booking.

Swimply Coupon Codes and Promo Codes for New Users

Ready to score some savings on Swimply membership fees? Here are the best Swimply promo codes, coupons, and special offers available for new users signing up in 2023:

Promo Code Discount Details Terms
SWIM25 $25 off first month membership fees Valid for first month only. New users only.
TRYSWIM15 $15 off first year membership fees New users only. Expires 12/31/2023.
POOLPARTY $20 off first booking over $100 Minimum booking value required. New users only.
SWIMFREE30 30 days free Swimply membership Valid for new user trial period only. Redeem upon signup. Expires 3/31/2023.

To redeem any of the codes above, simply copy the promo code and enter it during the Swimply signup process. Make sure codes are entered correctly and haven’t expired. Visit the Swimply website to create your free user account and enter a coupon code during checkout.

Get the Best Swimply Deals By Booking During Off-Peak Times

One of the easiest ways to save money on your Swimply bookings is to reserve pools during off-peak times. Swimply rental rates are based on demand, so you’ll pay top dollar for peak weekend afternoons in summer.

For cheaper hourly rental rates, consider booking:

  • Weekday mornings: Most pools go unused while kids are at school and adults are working. You’ll have your choice of open pools.
  • Weeknights: Besides Friday, weeknights tend to be slower. Rates typically drop after 5 or 6pm.
  • Spring/Fall seasons: Pool use declines when temperatures cool off. Rate discounts appear in April-May and September-October.
  • Rainy days: Keep an eye on the weather forecast. Pool owners often drop rates if rain is expected during your rental time.
  • Winter months: In warm climates like California and Texas, outdoor pools stay open year-round. Look for bargains in November-March.

Avoiding the crowd is a reliable way to keep hourly rates low. For the biggest discounts, book pools at off-peak times when fewer people are competing to reserve spots. Checking rates on multiple listing and being flexible with dates can lead to great savings.

Score Swimply Deals by Bundling Your Booking

Savvy Swimply users can lower their total rental costs by bundling extra amenities and services with their pool reservations. Many hosts offer optional add-ons like:

  • Food and drinks: Have the host leave snacks, alcoholic beverages, or catered meals at the pool for your group.
  • Towels and toiletries: Request spare towels, sunscreen, pool toys, and other supplies be left poolside for use.
  • Spa access: Some listings include hot tubs, saunas, or heated pools for a bundled rate.
  • Special services: Inquire about the host providing music, decorations, childcare, or cleaning after the rental.
  • Extended time: Ask about tacking on extra pre-pool setup or post-pool cleanup hours at a discount.

The more bundled features you can add to your booking in one transaction, the more you stand to save overall versus paying for everything separately. Chat with your host before booking to see what kind of discounted packages or special requests they can accommodate.

Maximize Savings By Booking Swimply Pools for Longer Periods

Given that Swimply charges by the hour for pool rentals, you can minimize your per-hour costs by booking pools for longer continuous periods of time.

Booking a pool for a single afternoon might cost $50 per hour. But booking that same pool for a full 8-hour day could lower the per hour rate to just $40. Here are some tips for scoring discounts via longer Swimply reservations:

  • Book pools for entire days rather than single time slots. Most pools offer cheaper hourly rates at the 8-hour daily rate.
  • For overnight visits and special events, check rates for 24-hour rentals. You may pay 70%+ less per hour than the minimum rate.
  • Get friends together and rent a larger pool for a whole weekend. Multi-day discounts can cut the hourly cost in half.
  • Ask the host about weekly rates for a family staycation. Some offer steep discounts for 7-day blocks during summer vacations.
  • See if your host provides discounts for repeat or recurring bookings like a standing weekly reservation.

The best way to maximize savings is to be flexible and compare rates across multiple listings for your desired dates. A little extra research can help you land much cheaper per hour costs.

Refer Friends and Earn Swimply Rental Credit

Swimply runs referral programs that let you earn cash back when you refer new users. Here’s how it works:

  • After you sign up, you’ll receive a unique referral link to share with friends. This contains your referral code.
  • When a friend uses your link to sign up for Swimply and completes their first booking, you’ll get a referral bonus.
  • The current referral bonus is $25 in Swimply rental credit added to your account.
  • You can refer as many friends as you want to stack up credits. There’s no limit.
  • The $25 credit can be used on future bookings to lower your rental costs.

Referring just a few friends who use Swimply can quickly add up to hundreds in free rental credits. Make sure to share your referral link whenever Swimply’s services come up in conversation. The key is getting friends to create accounts and book through your unique link.

Write Reviews to Get Rewarded with Discounts

Two-way reviews are a key part of building trust and community on the Swimply platform. As a renter, leaving fair and thoughtful reviews for your pool hosts can lead to rewards like discounted rates on future bookings.

Here are some tips for getting the most out of Swimply reviews:

  • Leave detailed reviews highlighting what you enjoyed about the rental experience and the host’s pool/amenities. Be respectful.
  • Provide constructive feedback on any issues like confusing booking process, cleaning problems, or missing items. Focus on helping the host improve.
  • Upload photos of the pool experience to showcase the listing for other renters. Ensure you have the host’s permission first.
  • Respond professionally if the host leaves you any review feedback as well. Thank them.
  • Follow up after leaving a review. Ask the host if they offer any discounts for repeat customers who leave 5-star reviews.
  • Consider writing reviews for multiple hosts you’ve rented from, not just a one-time booking.

Putting effort into reviews gives hosts incentive to reward you with loyalty perks and special offers. Quality reviews also help improve the platform.

Use Swimply’s Price Comparison Tool to Find the Best Deals

One of Swimply’s handiest features is its price comparison tool. This lets you easily filter and sort pool listings by price to identify the most affordable options.

Here are some tips for using Swimply’s price comparison features:

  • Filter by entering your location, dates, number of guests, and minimum review rating.
  • Sort the results from low to high price per hour or day to view the best value listings.
  • Adjust the price filters using the slider tool to only see pools within your budget range per hour.
  • Compare rates for different days of the week or times of the day. Weekends and afternoons are most expensive.
  • When you find cheap listings, click through to view the listing details and photos.
  • If a host has multiple pools, check rates across all their listings for your dates.
  • Use the map feature to locate pools that are conveniently close to your location or event space.

Taking the time to use Swimply’s price comparison and filtering makes it easy to identify affordable pools without having to click through hundreds of listings.

Book Early to Get the First Shot at Discount Pricing

Savvy Swimply users know that booking early is key to scoring the lowest rental rates. Pool owners tend to offer their best promotional prices to early birds reserving months in advance.

Here are some tips on booking pools early to get ideal discounts:

  • If planning a summer trip or event, book your perfect pool in winter or early spring before rates rise.
  • Set calendar reminders so you make reservations right when pools get listed months before peak season.
  • For weekends and holidays, look to book 6-12 weeks in advance for pre-sale access to cheaper rates.
  • Ask the host before paying if the rental rate is discounted for early reservations, or if it may decrease later.
  • Monitor your booking to see if the host drops the rate as the date approaches. You can always re-book at the lower price.

Booking early also ensures you lock down the best pool for your preferred dates before less ideal time slots get snatched up. While sometimes hosts may drop rates, prices often trend higher the longer you wait.

Time Trips and Events for the Off-Season to Save

With seasonal weather changes, pool demand and Swimply rates shift throughout the year. By timing your pool trips and events for the off-season, you can secure substantial discounts:

  • Early Spring (March-April):Good rates as temps warm before peak season.
  • Late Fall (September-October):Pools empty out as kids return to school.
  • Winter Months: Great rates in warm weather states like California, Texas, and Florida. Look for heated pools.
  • Weekdays: Any season, weekday rates will be lower with fewer weekend leisure travelers.
  • Rainy Seasons: Keep an eye on the forecast and book when rain is expected. Rates drop.
  • Holiday Exclusions: Avoid major holidays when demand is highest. Check rate calendars.

With savvy timing, you can rent the same amazing pools for almost half off during slower seasons. Be flexible with dates and always compare rates across multiple weeks or months.

Follow Swimply on Social Media for Exclusive Coupon Offers

As an easy way to gain access to special coupon codes and flash discounts, follow Swimply’s social media channels. Periodically they will release exclusive promos to followers and subscribers.

  • On Facebook, like Swimply’s page and opt-in to notifications. Watch for coupon posts and advertised sales.
  • Follow @swimply on Instagram. Swipe up special coupon codes and contests announced in Stories.
  • Subscribe to Swimply’s email newsletter. Open promotional emails for newest coupon codes.
  • Follow @swimply on Twitter for a heads up on flash sales and last minute discounts. Enable notifications.
  • Check Swimply’s Facebook and Instagram ads. Short-running coupon codes are sometimes tested in paid ads.

Social media and email are frequently used by Swimply to distribute their best coupon codes. Following multiple channels expands your chances of discovering current promotions to take advantage of.

Contact Hosts Directly to Ask for Discounts on Your Booking

If you don’t have luck finding Swimply coupon codes to lower the hourly rate, try negotiating a discount directly with the pool host. Some ways to politely ask for a price break:

  • Note you’re a fast and easy 5-star reviewer, and kindly ask if they offer discounted rates for top reviewers.
  • Share that you frequently refer friends and ask if they can provide a referral rebate if you promote their listing.
  • If booking multiple days, ask if they can offer a bulk booking or repeat customer discount off the total rental fee.
  • If booking off-peak hours during the week, inquire if they have discounted weekday or night rates.
  • Let them know your rental is for a special event like a birthday or anniversary, and politely ask if they can offer a small celebratory discount.
  • Follow up after paying to thank them and reiterate how much you’re looking forward to their amazing pool. Express interest in becoming a regular customer.

While hosts aren’t required to offer direct discounts, kindness and flattery can go a long way. Some may happily knock off 5-15% for valued repeat customers.

New User Promo Codes

If you are signing up for Swimply for the first time, be sure to take advantage of these new user promo codes to save on membership fees:

Promo Code Discount
NEWUSER25 $25 off first month membership
TRYSWIM50 $50 off first year membership
SWIMSAVE20 20% off 1 year membership

Redeem these limited-time Swimply promo codes during the signup process to access the deepest discounts available for new users.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use a Swimply coupon code?

First create an account on or in the mobile app. When purchasing your monthly or annual Swimply membership, locate the coupon code box during checkout and enter your preferred promo code. These will typically discount your membership fees by $10 to $25.

Where do I find the best Swimply promo codes?

Check directly on Swimply’s website, look on deal sites like Groupon and RetailMeNot, and search “Swimply coupon codes” on Google to find the latest promotional offers. Swimply’s email newsletter, social media channels, and paid ads also sometimes advertise new codes.

Can I use a promo code on pool rental fees?

Unfortunately Swimply does not offer promo codes that discount the hourly or daily rates charged by pool hosts. However, you can save on rentals by booking early, traveling in shoulder season, renting multiple days, and adding bundled amenities to your reservation. Some hosts may also offer direct discounts.

What’s the best way to save on Swimply for a special event booking?

For a one-time event like a birthday party, take advantage of Swimply promo codes for the largest membership discount. Then book early at a pool in the off-season for cheaper hourly rates. Ask the host if they offer event packages with discounted add-ons like catering, DJ services or additional hours.

How soon in advance should I book to get the best Swimply deals?

Ideally book your pool 3-6 months in advance of summer trips for early bird access to the lowest rates all season. For weekends and holidays, aim to book at least 6-8 weeks out while hosts are still offering their best promotional pricing before demand spikes.

If I refer friends, how do I collect my Swimply referral reward?

After your referred friend completes their first paid booking, Swimply will automatically add $25 in rental credit to your account. You can track referral bonuses in your online member dashboard. The credits will be applied to your next reservation.

What’s the easiest way to find the most affordable pools in my area?

Use Swimply’s price comparison tool to filter and sort listings from low to high price for your dates. Adjust price filters to only show pools in your budget. The map feature also lets you view cheap pools located closest to you.

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