Lucky Strike Cigarette Coupons and Promotions 2023

Lucky Strike cigarettes have been an iconic American brand for over 100 years. Originally produced by the R.A. Patterson Tobacco Company in 1871, Lucky Strike has gone through various ownerships but remains a popular cigarette choice today.

As smoking rates have declined, tobacco companies like Lucky Strike have shifted their marketing and promotions to focus on retaining loyal customers. That’s why staying on the lookout for Lucky Strike coupon codes and special offers can help you save money on your cigarette purchases in 2023.

An Overview of Lucky Strike Cigarettes

The Lucky Strike brand first launched their signature red pack in 1917 along with the now famous β€œIt’s Toasted” slogan. This referred to their unique tobacco roasting process which gave the cigarettes a smoother, mellower taste.

By the 1930s and 40s, Lucky Strike was the number one cigarette brand in America thanks to innovative ads and celebrity endorsements. Over the decades, the brand has maintained popularity especially among older smokers and tobacco connoisseurs.

Today, Lucky Strike cigarettes are manufactured by British American Tobacco and sold in both regular and menthol varieties:

  • Regular – The classic full flavor cigarette featuring premium tobacco blend.
  • Menthol – Cooling menthol flavor for a smooth, lighter smoking experience.
  • Lucky Strike UNFILTERED – Released in 2019, an unfitered cigarette option with more tobacco flavor.

While smoking rates in America have dropped significantly in recent years, Lucky Strike still enjoys loyal fans who have smoked this same iconic brand for years or even decades.

Now let’s look at ways you can save money on Lucky Strike cigarettes using coupons, promotions and special offers for 2023.

Benefits of Using Lucky Strike Cigarette Coupons

Here are some of the great perks that come with using Lucky Strike cigarette coupons and promo codes:

  • Save money – Lucky Strike coupons allow you to purchase cigarettes at a discount off full retail pricing. Even small savings of $1-3 add up over time.
  • Buy more, save more – Many coupons offer increased savings for bulk purchases like cartons of cigarettes versus single packs.
  • BOGO free – Lucky Strike Buy One, Get One free deals let you double up on cigarettes at half the cost.
  • Free samples – Some Lucky Strike promotions provide free samples of new products so smokers can try them.
  • Gift with purchase – Special coupon offers may come with free branded lighters, ashtrays or other smoking accessories.
  • Contest entry – Coupons often double as entry forms for sweepstakes and contests sponsored by Lucky Strike.

Using coupons is a prime way for tobacco brands like Lucky Strike to promote loyalty and keep customers from switching to competitor cigarette brands when prices increase.

Where to Find Lucky Strike Cigarette Coupons in 2023

If you’re a Lucky Strike cigarette smoker, here are some of the top places to find relevant coupons, deals and discounts this year:

  • Inside cigarette packs – Many Lucky Strike coupons are directly packaged inside the cellophane of cigarette packs and cartons.
  • Company website – Check for limited time coupon offers and sweepstakes.
  • Email newsletter – Sign up at to join the email list for digital coupons and specials.
  • In-store displays – Visit smoke shops and convenience stores to look for Lucky Strike coupons and promotion printouts by the registers.
  • Tobacco shop loyalty programs – Join loyalty programs at local tobacco shops for member only cigarette coupon deals.
  • Tobacco brand websites – Sites like, which is owned by Lucky Strike, may offer deals across brands.
  • Cigarette coupon sites – Search sites like that compile and list cigarette coupons from major brands.

Check all of these sources regularly, as cigarette coupons typically have a short redemption timeframe once issued or released.

Current Lucky Strike Promotions and Coupons for 2023

To help you maximize your savings opportunities, here is an overview of the best Lucky Strike cigarette coupon offers currently available or planned for 2023:

In-Pack Coupons

  • $.50 off ONE Pack – Inside packs now with $.50 off your next single pack purchase.
  • $1.00 off ONE Carton – Inside cartons you’ll find a $1.00 off coupon for your next carton.
  • Buy 2 Packs, Get 1 FREE – Special packs come with a BOGO free coupon for your next purchase.
  • Buy 1 Carton, Get 1 for 50% off – A limited number of cartons have been issued with coupons for 50% off your next carton.

Website and Email Coupons

  • Free Sample Friday – Sign up for Lucky Strike emails to receive free sample offers each month.
  • 15% off Cartons – Use code LUCKY15 to take 15% off online carton purchases directly from
  • Refer a Smoker, Get $5 Off – Refer friends to sign up for Lucky Strike emails and get a $5 off coupon code.
  • Birthday Coupon – Get a special coupon for $5 off cartons emailed on your birthday when you join the Lucky Strike mailing list.
  • Limited Time Site Coupons – Check site monthly for coupons on packs, cartons and promotional merchandise.

In-Store and Tobacco Shop Promotions

  • Basket Sale Pricing – Special discounts like Buy 2 Packs Get 1 Free offered at local tobacco shops on certain weeks.
  • Buy 3 Cartons, Get the 4th Free – Periodic carton sales like this offer at select cigarette retailers.
  • Gift with Purchase – Buy 2 Packs, Get a Free Lucky Strike Lighter offers from Holiday and other special promotional periods.

Sweepstakes and Contests

  • Enter to Win Giveaways – Peel-off game pieces on packs can be entered at for prizes.
  • Open Contests and Sweepstakes – Enter giveaways at for chances to win cigarettes, merchandise, events and more.
  • Product Sampling Contests – Limited entry contests to win free samples of new Lucky Strike products before they are released.

Be sure to take advantage of these coupon codes, in-pack offers, promotions and contests to maximize your savings on Lucky Strike cigarettes in 2023.

Lucky Strike Cigarette Coupon FAQs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about obtaining and using Lucky Strike cigarette coupons:

Where can I find the latest and best Lucky Strike coupons?

Checking inside new packs of cigarettes and cartons purchased is your best bet to find the newest coupons with the highest value. Signing up for Lucky Strike emails can also provide access to exclusive online coupon codes.

How often does Lucky Strike issue new cigarette coupons?

Lucky Strike (and most major cigarette brands) aim to offer new coupons on a monthly or every-other-monthly basis. However, supply and redemption dates are limited, so redeem coupons quickly!

Do I need to provide any personal information to obtain or use Lucky Strike coupons?

No, the vast majority of Lucky Strike coupons do not require submitting any personal information or data to obtain or redeem. However, email list signups and contest entries will require providing your email and basic contact info.

Can Lucky Strike coupons be used at any cigarette retailer or only certain stores?

Most Lucky Strike coupons state that they can be redeemed at any cigarette retailer that sells the Lucky Strike brand. However, some coupons are exclusive to certain tobacco shops.

How much can I realistically save using Lucky Strike cigarette coupons?

While offers vary, Lucky Strike coupons tend to offer approximate savings of $1-3 off single pack purchases and $5-10 off carton purchases. Multi-pack BOGO deals also effectively save 50% off.

Strike Savings on Lucky Strike Cigarettes in 2023

Thanks to Lucky Strike coupons and promotions like those outlined above, you can continue enjoying your favorite Lucky Strike cigarette products while saving money this year.

Be sure to collect coupons from pack purchases, check site offers frequently, and sign up for Lucky Strike emails to maximize savings. Taking advantage of these exclusive discounts on one of America’s most iconic cigarette brands will make you feel like one lucky smoker!


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