FREE Lean Cuisine 10 Day Try It Kit (Free Meal??)

Head over to Facebook where you can score a Lean Cuisine 10 Day Try It Kit including a personalized menu, VIP coupons (maybe a free meal) and a chance to win in the sweepstakes!  If you are using a mobile phone, click this link instead (thanks Vanessa!!!)

lean cuisine


    • 4 says

      You have so much potential inside of you to achieve these goals you are setting for yourself. Take baby steps. I look at all hard achievements in my life as a war and I remind myself that I may lose a battle, but I don’t have to lose the war. When it gets hard and you make mistakes, remember that you don’t need to lose the whole war!!! I hope that makes sense. We are trusting that you will receive the strength and courage you need to take these steps. Please keep us posted on your progress!!!

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    Deborah says

    I can not open facebook at work and I do not have email at home. I would like to try your offer of the free meal with purchase of 10 meals. How can I get involved without going to facebook? Thank you and Happy New Year.

  2. 16

    julie Isabella says

    Hi i don’t have a Facebook page & ,i don’t want to open one. I would like to do the “try it” lean cuisine , do i have to have f.b to sign up for this?

  3. 19

    Sara says

    I found out about their promotion through a TV advertisement – what a letdown that I can’t participate because I don’t have or want a Facebook account. I’ll put my grocery $$ towards something else after this.

  4. 23

    victoria says

    want 2 try the 10 day try it diet, been trying 2 loose weight 4 quite some time and ive tried lean cusine here and there when i can afford 2, and the few ive tried are really good

  5. 24

    Stella says

    So far I’ve lost 89lbs and counting. In September I had to go on insulin. The worst day of my life! My weight loss journey has taken 2 years. This is not a DIET. Life style changes. Low carbs and portion control. Happy counting. 🙂

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